Miniroos Kickoff comes to Lions – Training Program for children 3-5 years of age

Lions FC has run a training program for our youngest players aged 3-5 years for over 5 years, most of you would know it as Squirts or Cubs.  This program is now known as the Aldi Miniroos Kickoff program.

The program generally starts after the Easter school holidays, running through Term 2 & Term 3.

To register for this program, please go to the following website  –  www.miniroos.com.au  –  and click on the “Find a Place to Play” button (at the top right corner of the page); enter your postcode or suburb to go to the Program Finder page (as in the screenshot below).  Look on the left-hand side for our club name (QUEENSLAND LIONS FOOTBALL CLUB) or find us on the map; a dialogue box will pop up & you can click through for more information, or to register.

The Aldi Miniroos Kickoff page also has more information on the program itself.

We look forward to welcoming our youngest Lions players to Aldi Miniroos Kickoff!